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Why choose a Modern Montessori school for my child

The Modern Montessori Education Group boasts a wealth of experience of excellence in early childhood education, which is the very foundation upon which every one of schools were built and developed.

Each school is the perfect combination of:

  • established and credible education provider, rich in history and tradition, boasting considerable years of experience in education;
  • well-equipped classroom and outdoor facilities nested in a secure and picturesque environment providing beautiful and safe surroundings in which your child will grow, learn and play;
  • well-trained, experienced, dedicated and caring teachers and care-givers, whose professional expertise, commitment to education and passion for children, you will depend on firstly, to provide your child with the best possible academic and developmental foundation in which to reach his/her full potential, and on which his/her future learning will be based; and secondly (and equally important) to provide a loving and nurturing environment, in which your child’s/children’s happiness is of paramount importance.
  • low teacher to child instruction ratios that afford your child/children the individual attention they so richly deserve;
  • an all-inclusive education, extra-mural and supervisory solution.  For working parents, it is especially important that their child’s/children’s school offers not only an academic education, but also meals, extra-curricular activities, aftercare, and holiday programmes.

Giving your child the gift of a Montessori education

Your children’s early education impacts the rest of their lives, which makes choosing the right school one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make. Ideally, you want a school that provides holistic education that includes academic and practical real-life skills and which promotes independent and creative thinking. Montessori schools are built on these principles.

Our Montessori schools in South Africa

You can enroll your children in one of our three Montessori schools:

  • Linbro Park, Sandton
  • Glen Austin, Midrand
  • Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal

Each school is an established and accredited education provider, where our well-trained teachers and care givers are equipped to provide the children entrusted to our care with the best academic and developmental foundation. Our objectives are achieved in a warm, nurturing environment, where low teacher-to-child instruction ratios guarantee one-on-one interaction. We offer an all-inclusive education solution that delivers academic excellence as well as superb aftercare, extra-curricular activities and holiday programmes.

For detailed information on each of our beautiful schools, please consult the school prospectus.


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